PROCOS Portugal, a member of PROCOS Group is a partnership formed between Nuno Leónidas Arquitectos and Procos CBVA, which provide a full range of services in the fields of architecture and engineering.

The Procos CBVA is a company dedicated to Facility Management and Facilities Planning, focused on the areas of Space Planning, Interior Design, Project Management and Building and Facilities Management, covering the entire life cycle of buildings.

In over 25 years of business, has acquired a strong position in these sectors, due not only to the quality of the applied concepts and accuracy of the proposed solutions, but also through the continued satisfaction of the requirements of its customers and the acquired know-how to them continuously made available, in an increasingly demanding market. In addition, the activity of Procos CBVA has been characterized by innovative solutions, with the use of the latest technologies.

The PROCOS Group is a group of European consultants in Facility Management and Facilities Planning, founded in 1990 in Belgium. At this time we have associated offices in Antwerp, Arnhem, Paris, Luxembourg, Lisbon, Barcelona and Madrid, thus benefiting not only from the combined experience of all members, but also their knowledge to local, regional and international levels.

With this association the NLA transferred to Procos Portugal their skills in Corporate Interiors and Space Planning, and expands its range of services with new business areas, in a perspective of "life-cycle" of buildings.

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