Corporate Buildings

The corporate buildings’ sector has been changing rapidly, under the pressure of new technologies. Increased access to information and easier communications have shattered the traditional corporate division into departments.  Organizations must improve their ability to adapt and reorganize themselves as a function of external demands. This increased flexibility physically challenges a building’s design and its performance. New requirements related to the provision of technical services emerged from the introduction of computers and information technologies at the workplace.  As a result, Space Design must be more versatile and flexible.  Module-based approaches are those that better enable the building’s structure, facilities and workplace to respond to future change.  Moreover companies increasingly demand comfort, air quality and energy efficiency.  To help companies use their buildings more rationally, we make “Space planning” studies specifically aimed at optimizing such use.  All users and areas in the organization are given the space required to perform their functions, while maximizing flexibility and anticipating future changes.   In order to fulfil these goals our corporate buildings are designed as smart buildings, but they do not rely on expensive technical equipment.  Instead we design them to appropriately meet their environmental requirements and adapt to any functional and technical conditions the future may bring.