PERSPECTIVE EEIG is a group of architectural practices working together in Europe, since 1992, responding to increasingly international trends in business environment. The goal was to enable members to offer multinational clients global professional services in conjunction with proven dependable local partners. Now represented in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Austria, The group has the ability to operate smoothly and efficiently in each other's countries offering local knowledge and expertise.

Also important is the breadth of experience and wide range of specialist skills that can be found within the group, giving each member access to a level of know how in fields like, Town planning and infrastructure, Corporate buildings, Healthcare, Hotel and leisure, energy design, interior design, and planned maintenance. All of perspective members have an established reputation within their own country and share the same professional and business ethics and are committed to the aims and objectives of the group.

Working together, members will typically assume the role of "client architect" for project assignments in other countries, supported by the" local architect" in the country where the project takes place. Three times a year, representatives from each member meet to co-ordinate the group's strategy and activities set goals and monitor performance. Specialist working groups are dedicated to developing and promoting knowledge and expertise in different areas.

The regular exchange of information on developing products, techniques, materials and construction processes, legislation and building costs, gives an unique overview of the industry in Europe and around the world.

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